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Is Your Business Making the Correct Decisions?
Is Your Marketing Working? Your business shouldn't waste marketing resources on campaigns that are hit or miss. Instead, you need to plan, and track marketing efforts so you can learn what works and then change what doesn't. That way, you concentrate efforts on tactics that generate real results.

Smart marketing isnt just about great campaigns, it's about targetting the right customer. Your business needs to effeciently identify, extract and analyse all available business data.

Marketing based on in depth research will generate leads, build brand awareness, and grow your business. Marketing that isn't based on such metrics will waste money, opportunities, or both.
Are All Your Regions Performing? Your value proposition must be relevant to your local target market. It's not uncommon for a business to have to refocus and revisit their targeting.

Correctly defined target market will save your marketing budget from customers who have no interest in buying from you. This focuses your marketing, saves your business time and helps to keep marketing organised.
Are You Effectively Using Your Data Sources? Many businesses cite CRM data strategy as the most lucrative marketing solution in their experience. Businesses need to track and profile existing customers for the purpose of marketing products that best suit their lifestyle.

But there is more to it than just CRM. With the advent of online metric tools such as Google Analytics, we are exposed to valuable data in the form of the online patterns and behaviour of the customers.

This data is being largely untapped as CRM solutions don’t naturally integrate with broader data patterns.
Decision Making, Improved
Real-Time Decision Making With Smartex we can provide real-time decision making and required agility in knowing whom your customer is and, understanding your customer habits and chararceristics.

You will improve your overall business responsiveness with optimized and personalized customer interactions flows.
Know Your Customer, Measure Performance Smartex draws data from mutliple sources...
Leverage The Power of Oracle Software Oracle provides us with a range of software that allows us to enchance to effectiveness of existing data models.

Smartex integrates data from Portal technologies (either Webcenter Sites or UCM Site Studio) and Oracle CRM using OBIEE to combine the analytical techniques and personalize customer interaction flows.
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Oracle Software - Behind The Scenes
Oracle Real-Time Decisions Oracle Real-Time Decisions (Oracle RTD) solves the challenges faced in trying to optimize business processes using analytical techniques such as business rules, data mining, or statistics.

With Oracle RTD, you will improve your overall business responsiveness with optimized and personalized customer interactions flows.

By learning from every single interaction and adjusting your processes in real-time, you will always take the best course of action and optimize the value of each opportunity.
Web Experience Management Oracle WebCenter arms companies with the full arsenal of web experience management capabilities such as targeting and optimizing content, social computing, and multichannel engagement. All of these help improve customer loyalty, drive web traffic, and target new customer segments.

In one integrated suite, it combines an array of complementary capabilities: web experience management (Oracle WebCenter Sites), composite applications and mashups (Oracle WebCenter Portal), social networking and collaboration (Oracle WebCenter Social), and enterprise content management (Oracle WebCenter Content). Together these form a platform that connects people, places, and information.
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